Shame on you Volvo….

My wife and I have watch alot of HGTV lately. Perhaps its because we are addicted to home improvement or real estate, but one thing we have noticed lately is that they keep replaying the same Volvo commercial for the new S80. I don’t know if you have seen this particular one, but it involves a couple driving their new S80 at 1:52 in the morning, speeding thru city streets in order to get to what appears is their favorite restaurant/cafe in time before it closes. It shows them flying around construction points and coming very close to what appears to be a newspaper truck when suddenly the sensors in there new S80 indicate both verbally and visually that there is an object close to them and they must swerve to get out of the way. They dramatically make it to there cafe in time, stop the car suddenly and then dash out to get into it on time.

Call me old fashioned, call me an idiot, but this type of commercial really changes the way I think about Volvos. While I am sure that they are great cars and handle very well, I think they are sending the wrong message about their vehicle. Yes, they have the standard “Professional driver on closed course” pasted in arial 4 point font at the bottom, but no where do they really say, “please don’t drive like this, fictitious situation only” or something like that. To me, they give the perception that even on a closed course, its ok to drive like an idiot to make it to your restaurant on time. Granted, they have that nifty software that powers that sensor, but is it really necessary to portray this image of the vehicles performance. I have long thought that Volvo’s premise/mantra was safety and performance and by the looks of this commercial it appears that they no longer want to portray that.

Either fire your ad agency or change the way you think about your cars.

Shame on you Volvo….I am disappointed.

Here is a link to YouTube for the video…I wont embed the video itself simply because of my opinion on this. See for yourself and let me know what you think.

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