The Buzz Challenge.

I just began to read Ron McDaniels blog and noticed that Matt Heinz has taken up his buzz challenge

Go for it Matt, I wish you all the luck.  In thinking about it, I may take up his challenge as well, although I would love to read the book and get pumped up to do it.  I would also need to find a way to incorporte most of the challenge to software since thats what I do.  🙂  Right now, the buzznoodle buzzmarketing book is third on my list to read….so I should get to it sometime in 2008….kidding.

I am always up for a challenge and love the friendly internal competition my psychy produces.

As a final note for today, I would be remiss if I did not mention that there is a certain Chicago team with a certain type of mentality playing in a certain type of game this weekend……DA Bears……

Go Bears.