Are Podcasts worth doing?

Ron McDaniel had an interesting post yesterday about Podcasting and whether or not they are worth doing. At Quest, we started doing podcasting last year and there was a huge surge to get them done in late Q2 and early Q3, then they fell off dramatically in Q4 and we have none really scheduled for Q1. I think one of the things that our Product Marketing Organization struggles with is that they are not “lead generation” activities and therefor not really worth doing since I am sure most of them are judged in some part by the number of “leads” they bring in through their efforts.

While I understand their take on that, I also am having a hard time in educating them that Podcasting serves a better purpose than to just generate leads. Its all about gaining buzz and providing relative content out to the masses and showing our target audience that we are truly the innovators and educators in our space. I am curious to know if anyone out there has faced a similar issue and what they have done to perhaps educate folks that Podcasting is worthwhile.

Any help would be appreciated.

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