A little self/company promotion

Ok..I dont normally like to push things to hard when it comes to Quest and the things that we do, but I have too in this case. We had a contest at last weeks sales kickoff called Quest Idol. It basically runs along the same line as the regular American Idol, only Quest folks were encouraged to audition and send in stuff. There is another overarching contest which is now for everyone in the company to submit their entries and I cannot wait to see the entries.

Anyway..these dudes from Columbus submitted the video below and it really is so creative. They were able to lump in some technical jargon, our products and humor to really give really good entry and eventually a winning one last week. I posted this on YouTube yesterday and it has been really exploding with views. I think as of last night we had over 1900 views and were ranked like 41st in terms of Director ratings. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.