Flight delays and Augie Nieto

So I was supposed to go back home to Chicago today….but my flight was cancelled and due to a roundtable I was to have with our CEO and President at Quest, (which was awesome by the way) I am now forced to stay in Anaheim another day and fly out first thing tomorrow morning. While its a bummer that I wont be home to sleep next to my wife this evening, this time alone will allow me to do some necessary housecleaning on my laptop and get some work done that I would normally not have time to do.

As our sales kickoff came to a close we have a really incredible final session today culminating by a wonderful presentation by a man named Augie Nieto. Augie sits on the board for Quest and to be honest up until today, did not realize how fascinating this man is. In March of 2005 he was diagnosed with ALS and has formed a marketing alliance with the MDA in the form of AugiesQuest. He and his wife spoke to us for over an hour and while I wont give away all of the speech, it has touched me personally. This man is positive and so caring and you can really see the genuineness in his eyes. I have heard and have seen some pretty incredible things in my life and I have to say that this ranks in the top 5 of the most incredible things I have witnessed. His strength, courage and overall approach to life is one that many people should try to model themselves after. I for one will take much of what he said and will try to implement in my daily life both professionally and personally. (beginning with 3 cups of tea)

I plan to blog more about Augie in the near future but for now, I think it would be worth your while to visit his site and learn a little be more about his cause and the man himself. I am proud that he is on the board of Quest and I am honored and humbled to have heard him speak.