How much email do you read?

I have long had this discussion with many of my fellow marketers about email and how much we get and how much we read. of hands..if you get a ton of email, how long do you spend reading it? 5 seconds? 10 seconds? depends on who its from right?

If I get an invite from a company inviting me to something, or asking me to do something, I scan the subject line and maybe spend 5-10 seconds in the body.  So why are most emails that I get of this nature way long..telling me everything I need to know about them, their company, their product..blah blah…..  The only exception to this rule I have seen is Apple.  Their emails are short, to the point and grab me.

Most of us don’t have time to read and scroll and read and scroll to find out the nugget at the end…..just give it to me straight…and be simple.

Curious to know what others think.