Second Life and Marketing.

I have read quite a few articles about Second Life these days. Alot of companies are moving “in” so to speak to this virtual world. I have been to the Dell Islands, The Starwood resort island and other corporate venues and everytime I am there no one else is. I maybe see 2 or 3 people but there really isn’t anything to do there. I am thinking that if a company wants to get into SL, that they need to have some sort of presence in there everyday to “man the farm” Its great to build a place on a island, call it your own but if nothing happens in there, it seems that you spent alot of money on a piece of land with nothing to show for it.

I am curious to hear the opinion of people who are in SL regularly about these companies and their islands as well as anyone who works for a company who is branded in SL.

Interesting article that I just read about SL:

As always, let me know what you think…