Football is in the air

As the college football season draws to a close tonight with the national championship and the NFL playoffs in full swing, I am now getting a little depressed to face the next few months with sports.  I don’t watch basketball or even alot of baseball, because not only do I not have alot of time, but because it can be time consuming.  I live for football and I will begin the countdown to the next season right after the superbowl in Feb.  Speaking of the superbowl, we are all hoping that our beloved Chicago Bears will be playing there, but they have a tough road ahead of them.

I found out this weekend that the Bears will be playing Seattle this Sunday, only the bummer with that is I will be on a plane to California for Quest Software’s annual sales kickoff meeting and will miss the whole game.  I am however going to bug the flight attendent to see if she can get the captain to give us updates while we are in the air.  Otherwise, the moment that we land in Orange County, I will be on the phone with my wife to see how they fared.

While on the subject of are my predictions:  OSU will win tonight….Chicago will beat Seattle and then N.O., but will lose to SD in the super bowl.  I work with a bunch of people from Columbus and they are just about as nuts as us Irish fans and while I really have nothing against OSU its great to get them all riled up as fans cause they take it so seriously.  My famous way of getting to them is to sneak in the graduation rate of OSU players and the fact that the have this player who keeps getting into legal trouble and making national headlines.  Anyway, its all in good fun and I am glad they have something to cheer about in Columbus.  It would be even better if they had a pro team, so I could get my digs there, but I have to settle for the Bengals or Browns which really isn’t that hard to do.

What does all this have to do with software and marketing…well not that much except that I am sure that there is alot of software that goes into running tonight’s game and other sports programming as well as how well OSU markets their team. Heck on the news this morning, they had a picture of this really overweight dog wearing this ridiculous OSU hat…It wasn’t just an ordinary hat or something, it was one which was like made specifically for this dog,  which in itself is a bit weird.

Anyway..good luck to OSU tonight…and if you are Columbus based employee, have a great time and I will be sure to see if I can schedule a sunrise meeting to talk about the history of marketing or something really boring. 🙂